The winery

Our character
About us
We can't imagine living anywhere else but here, right above the winery. Gandesa and its Mediterranean and agricultural landscape, where we have been making wine for more than five generations, shape our work, mark the way we live and define who we are.


We work
the old vines
with a youthful spirit
We are the new generation that has arrived with a new committed, more aware way of looking at things. But we never forget our traditions or our grandparents’ legacy. Deep down, we are farmers and this feature of our identity reinforces everything we are and everything about our work, as it always has done.
“For me, working this land has an unquantifiable value. This heritage of old vines that have lived for more than half a century tells me about my ancestors and lets me connect with their legacy every day.”
Josep Vicens
“In the winery, the important thing is to maintain the connection with the vineyard and the promise of the wine that will express it. Often, my work is a balance between intervening and observing; between nature and patience."
Pau Vicens
The rural
The agricultural
We can’t see a way of working the land that isn’t based on sustainability, ecology and the balance of agricultural systems.
The agri-social

We are fighting to recover the rural culture our parents and grandparents knew, tackling the social, professional and gender imbalances of the times we have to live in.

The work
of a whole year

The harvest: the character of the vintage
We have a clear aim: to bring the entire essence of the vine into the winery intact. That's why we harvest all our plots as we have always done: by hand, from sunrise to sunset.
Parcel winemaking
We microvinify the grapes from each parcel separately to produce authentic wines expressing typical features of each of our terroirs. We work with low doses of sulphites and only with flower must. The rest is a vital process of the wine itself that takes place naturally and unhurriedly, with no need for tricks, until it is bottling time.

The craft of
common sense

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